01 March 2010

it's me, yoy

Its a nick. Someone ask me recently (online forum moderator,actually) why I like to hide behind the nick. What am I hiding? My answer is none. I'm born named Mohd Khairuddin Bin Ahmad. I personally think its a beautiful name. I have to give credit to my parent for that. I truly love the name and the meanings. Thanks Mama and Dad.

The real story behind my nick is, I had it since I'm 2 days old. I have no privilege at all in choosing my own nick. The story is(as I've been told), after my Mom discharge from the hospital for giving birth to me, my late Jidi (that's granpa in Arabic...sort of.) went to our home to have a peak at me.It is said that after mentioning my name to Jidi, the first word coming from his mouth is Yoy. The real name kinda tongue twisting to him so here I am 36 years later stuck with that name.

By the time I start doing the thinking on my own, everybody around me is calling me by that name. In fact, the whole Kampung Baru KL knowed me by that name only. Ask them Mohd Khairuddin Bin Ahmad, they probably have no clue. To add a little mystery to it, my Dad is also know as Ismail in our hometown. The name Ahmad is for official use only. Go figure.

I guess that's all for my introduction. I'm very new to blogging so here I am posting something on my first and only blog. I hope I didn't bored or offended anybody. Just in case I do, please forgive me. Cant help being myself and it's me, Yoy.